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When it comes to the law, ignorance is no defence.

As far as the police are concerned, the person behind the wheel is responsible for any and all transgressions associated with the towing setup.

Unlike a heavy commercial vehicle, such as a transport truck, in which there is a chain of responsibility from the driver to the person who loaded the vehicle to the owner of the vehicle, compliance responsibility for a light vehicle always rests with the driver.

Did a mate lend you the van and vehicle for your family holiday, assuring you that all was fine? Doesn’t matter. 




The driver cops the fine. 
Take it up with your mate. 
If the vehicle and/or van are unregistered, the driver is also liable for any and all fines, regardless of who owns them.


Gross Combination Mass (GCM):

is the total weight of your rig ie: Caravan and Tow Vehicle (everything loaded and coupled).


Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM):

is the maximum permissible weight of your towing vehicle when loaded. This is specified by the vehicle’s manufacturer.


Tow Ball Weight:

is the maximum weight that your caravan can apply to your vehicle’s tow ball. This is specified by the vehicle’s manufacturer. You can use a measuring gauge (manual or digital) to measure the actual ball weight of your caravan at any given point in time, to make sure it’s within your vehicle’s limits.


Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM):

is the maximum permissible weight of your caravan when loaded, and without being hitched to your towing vehicle. This is specified by the caravan’s manufacturer.


Gross Trailer Mass (GTM):

is the actual weight of your loaded caravan, at any given point in time and hitched to your towing vehicle.


Tare Weight:

sometimes called unladen weight, is the weight of an empty caravan.


In 2018 RV Books.com reported that there was a minimum of 50 reported rollovers – more than double the 2017 figure of 22, and at least 300 accidents in Australia involving Caravans involved in accidents.


(Please note not all Insurance companies are included therefore the actual number is much higher)

This trend is alarming and amongst many different factors overweight caravans.

Read more here.



FREE when you have you Check Weight done.

Check Weight will check the height of your number plate.

According to Section of ADR 61/02 Vehicle Markings, a number plate fitted to the rear of the vehicle must not be more than 1300mm from the ground.


If you’ve bought an off-road van or have had your van’s axles flipped over for better clearance, you might not meet the correct number plate height.

In NSW, you could be fined $425 for a light vehicle and receive 3 demerit points (NSW).