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Franchisee opportunities from 2021


Have you ever wanted to be in business for yourself ?

Are you a keen caravan owner, camping or

4WD enthusiast ?

CHECK WEIGHT has opportunities to help you get into business in a field that has enormous potential to grow.

Yes you could just "do it your self" but by being a partner of CHECK WEIGHT you benefit from the following:

  • Established Website with great SEO

  • Facebook Page with a fast growing audience

  • Systems and Procedures for efficient and problem free weighs

  • Proven effective Facebook posts and Videos 

  • Support from the owner of CHECK WEIGHT who has a background in Sales and Marketing.

If you would like to express an interest in being a Franchisee of CHECK WEIGHT in 2021 please email Jeff (the owner) on or

phone Jeff on 0419693975

Don’t risk a heavy fine for being overweight!
Don’t risk your voiding your insurance by being overweight!
Don’t put your family at risk of being in an accident by being overweight!



With their Wireless portable pads, CHECK WEIGHT will weigh every wheel and axle and can tell you your GTM, GVM & GCM within 10kgs.


By coming to your street CHECK WEIGHT saves you the time and hassle of finding a suitable weighbridge.

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Call us now on

0419 693 975

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Check Weight - Helping Caravan owners understand caravan weights.

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