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Caravan Weighing

CHECK WEIGHT is a Mobile Caravan Weighing business based in the Newcastle NSW area.

CHECK WEIGHT saw a need for a an easier way for Caravan, Boat and 4WD owners to CHECK their WEIGHT.

Check Weight assists you to do the right thing and be compliant with the Law. It's an easier way to check the weight of your Tow Vehicle and Caravan (Boat/Trailer etc).

By coming to your  CHECK WEIGHT saves you the time and hassle of finding a suitable weighbridge.

With wireless portable weigh pads, CHECK WEIGHT will weigh every wheel and axle your Tow Vehicle and Caravan and tell you your GVM, ATM & GCM.

We will then advise you of your GVM, ATM & GCM via a printed ticket and a detailed emailed summary of your weights.​




Are you legal?
What is your allowable payload
What steps you may need to take to reduce weight


Heading 1

Heading 1

Mobile Caravan Weighing




When you have just bought the van – to work out your carrying capacity
When you’re ready for your big trip – your locked and loaded and ready to go – make sure you're legal and balanced
You have made renovations to your Caravan which may have added weight to the Caravan permanently, and thus reduced your payload capacity.



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